Confusion with licenses that exceed views over time

Question: When clients buy a track and they lets say bought a $20 license, and then the video goes to over 5m views, what’s the policy? Should they buy a new film license?

If that’s so I have many videos that never sold as a film license and they are now to over 5m views.
Also if thats so, I think clients who buy they should fill a form with the end product link, YouTube etc, so that Envato and AJ authors benefit and not only the clients.

Would be great to hear your opinion and the policy if someone knows.

Maybe this is nice for non elements authors too, the “salvation”

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Do you mean YouTube views?

YouTube is not broadcast, and a standard license is enough for a billion views. :slight_smile:

hmmm, is that true? maybe this will have to change


Not gonna lie, slightly amazed you’ve been selling here for over five years and weren’t aware of that! Yes, there’s no limit on web views when it comes to the standard license. Been that way since the beginning and pretty sure there’s no plans to change it. Might be worth a browse through the license details…

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Cool, I thought the licenses where for views too.

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