Youtuber collaborations?

What do you think about youtuber collaborations? I will ask them to agree with one or more youtubers to promote my products. Do you think it will affect my sales if I cooperate like this? Have you ever done such a collaboration before? If you did, how did you get feedback? How much budget should I allocate for such cooperation?


I don’t think someone will invest money in youtube promoting because Envato does the promoting part.

Thank you :blush:

Plus If I were to promote my items like this I definitely wouldn’t promote my Envato portfolio, but would rather link the items on my own website, where all the money goes to me.

Else it makes no sense to spend money on promotion and then have Envato take like 30% percent of your sale price plus have your customers wander all over Envato market to other competitors projects or even Elements! :joy:

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Yep. You are 100% right. Look at Steam, for example. It takes 30% from game developers. And, of course, they do not spend millions for promotions.
Oh. I do not talk about movies and how much money they actually get from sold tickets.
And what about simple shops? Many countries take around 20% TAX from each product. Nobody will run ads in such situation, especially Coca-cola.
Nobody, never ever… with such insane fees pay for promotion. First, everyone should make their own stores. Coca-cola build their own shops all over the world. Nobody use Steam, and everybody like to have 100500 launchers for every single game. And I like to visit Disney theaters.
Yeah. It works this way. No marketing if fees is 30% or more. It’s a rule! Only insane will pay for ads in such situation.

UPD: Oh. And Coca-cola actually never run promotions, because they do not want their customers wander all over the shop and look at other drinks. It’s insane! And Coca-cola is too smart to do such things.



@secondfalseiteration actually your points make a lot of sense, maybe I was wrong :thinking:

I mean after all these sales from promotions will boost your items place in search results, plus I guess it gives customers a reassurance that it’s a good product if it’s on a trustworthy global marketplace.

But convenience stores with coca-cola have the benefit that it’s convenient for the people to go to one place physically where they can find everything.

For game devs, it’s beneficial to have their games on steam cause the more the games get wishlisted the more steam promotes them to their huge audience.

For movies and such you can already see Disney and other waking up and creating their own platforms for their content :smiley:

So overall you have to evaluate the benefits the platform would give you for promoting your items on it versus the benefits of promoting on your own website/platform.

The videohive big guys do have youtube collaborations. They link to the youtube reviews in their item descriptions.

Just look at the first results of the weekly popular page.

Actually youtube is huge in promoting items on videohive, almost every new top-seller had one or multiple youtube promotions. But item should be valuable enough to be promoted, obviously there is no need to promote 18$ instagram stories via youtube:)

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What you said was mind-blowing for me. It made me think about this issue more healthily. Thank you all!

I’ve been promoting my items via Youtubers (, paying up to 1000$ per review depending on how popular or “influential” the Youtuber is doing the review. For most it works out at a 2-4x return but with some ind can go all the way up to a 10x return if you catch the right one.

Having said that, I think Envato should start doing sponsored videos like Storyblocks, Skillshare etc., they are doing REALLY well with the influencer help. This could drive a LOT more traffic to our pages resulting in huge sales-upticks. If anyone at @Envato reads this… wake up and TAKE NOTE!

Thank you for your kind reply. But I wouldn’t even pay $20 for 635 followers. Youtuber collaboration is very important, but this collaboration must take place in logical numbers. Moreover, there is not a single person talking on the channel you sent the link to.

Yeah, that channel with 635 subs is MINE. But I am using other Youtubers to promote my items, click on the first video on that list made by KingTutsPro who has 272k subs. The review he made for my pack so far had 27k views. And I can assure you … it converts really well. :wink:

I understand, thank you for your information. If you pay 1000 dollars to the right Youtube channel, you say there will be at least two and a maximum of 10 times the return. These numbers are very satisfying and exciting.