Envato - the trailer to our video hosting channels.

Marketing course without investment.

Most of the authors of the market “Envato” there are channels on “YouTube” and other video streaming sites. The idea is the following: Everyone post a video “trailer” of the company “Envato” on their channels and write in advance podgotovlennye tags underneath (invented by for all). The description is inserted “referral link” that you generate from your account. “Trailer” is to make the main video channel (optional).

In the end. If a person have the desire to buy music (for example) for commercial purposes, nahodil us. you can also choose the channel of one of us and force the “trailer” to the “top of YouTube” likes and comments.

In contrast to the fraudulent schemes we will proceed legally because we all are human. Further in the Russian segment of YouTube, very little mentions about the “Envato”.

Also do not have to be the author of the market. Referral link will pay dividends to any user.

The points

  1. “Envato” gives us 2-3 videos where the presentation of the company’s services.
  2. Everyone post videos on their YouTube channels( with the referral link and one for all tags).
  3. Boost video the top YouTube comments and likes (you can choose top seller, if one of them will take part in this).
  4. Look at what happened.

We need as many people as possible. so if you agree to participate in this event can put a “heart” or write a comment.

If it works everyone will remain only in the black (new customers, revenue from referral links, satisfaction).
We are many and we can use this. Do not remain indifferent in the first place it is necessary for us. “Envato” is doing everything necessary to promote our products, we will contribute your “5 cents” to the cause.

If the idea is like, then realize it is not difficult.

Example treller

Guys, treat this proposal with great attention and understanding. On account of each person otherwise it will not work.


Could work. ‘Make a promo video for Envato’ competition and post it to your YouTube page. Have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for best video and also prizes for most views, most likes In the Envato forums, most likes on YouTube etc etc.

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104 viewing and 1 person interested? You don’t need new clients and returning back those who left?

The last time I “lift” the subject. If you are interested only to complain it is your right…
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