Item promotion idea

I have idea how to envato can help autors to promote their items!) why not to create payed ad zone on a weekly top items page where authors can pay for promoting items for 1 week! For example i work on a template 2 - 3 weeks and of course i’m glad to pay for some promotion becouse it can help buyers to see my work)) of course we can use google ADwords or youtube \ vimeo for promotion, but why we cant pay direct to envato to promote items? For some authors this is a hobby only but for some authors - business and prepayed promotion is a normal for business! What do you think ? :slight_smile: This can resolve a lot of selp purchase promblem for example!)


Haha nice idea, but tell me if 10 thousands authors would pay few bucks for promotion, then it will be the same situation as is yet - who will decide which will be selected first or if it might be set by date, some authors would wait for years…

And I dont think you would pay $1000 for keeping your item on frontpage.

Another thing that the featured file use to be something innovative and special, and probably nobody wants to see there some not interesting, or medium quality files.

Maybe first 100 authors from top ratings can pay 300 - 500$ to promote their items for one week, i think most of authors author from jungle \ hive earn 500 - 1500$ per mont, and 300 -500$ for promotion is a good price to cut all HOBBY LIKE authors. but if author earn 7 - 8 000 per mout it means them work all time, them try to create quality items and of course them dream about LEGAL promotion, and them ready to pay for it i think! :wink:

Ok this is better explained plan and could work, but this may cause the top authors will confirm their place and the new authors will stay on second line forever.

I think everybody wants to make enough profit to work full time on their matket shop and leave some “9 to 5” job.

And finally yes, the new authors could also pay for promotion, but this must be author who have enough money to play around, not the one just trying to earn something to buy diapers for his baby hehe. But theres a lot of different stories of course.

Maybe not a bad idea at all, but still cant imagine the order of promoted authors / items.

Have you tried to find the Author’s username? You can send a message to author from author’s profile page.

On the promotion idea, we need to remember PPC is the costliest way of promotion due to high competition. Is it not better to pay envato pay per sale as we all author’s do.

Great idea