Youtube trouble


Has anyone tried to upload new videos on youtube with watermarked music for promotion purposes?
My 3 new videos are removed minutes after I upload them. I have a lot videos on youtube with my music and this has never happened before. Anyone else having this kind of trouble?


I can see your last upload 1hr ago, “End of Summer” on your YT channel, all seems to be fine.


well, that clip was not removed, until now. :S don’t know what’s going on…



Just had a look at your channel and videos. Seems you are keyword and meta ‘stuffing’ at the end of your video descriptions, which is against YouTube’s terms and would explain why they’re being removed.

YouTube have started taking this very seriously as they see it as trying to game the system for an unfair advantage for views and I’ve heard of quite a few instances now where videos are being removed for this very reason.

You may want to check this video out:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


well, thank you! :slight_smile: The video was informative. I’ll delete the extra tags and upload it again.

Thanks again. Greets


Thanks for the heads up :sunglasses:

I just removed tags from the description on my 92 videos !



Do you know what license I need so that I am able to promote the youtube videos using AudioJungle music without restriction?


For youtube is the music standard licence just about right.