Youtube Not Inspiring Anymore?

I like to promote my music on youtube, but new uploads are getting almost no views. Older videos got a few thousand views.

I came up with the idea of a playlist with multiple authors (separate thread here: I want your videos for a Youtube collection)

But I doubt a playlist would get views either.

So if anyone has ideas about getting some traction with youtube exposure, please share them! Is there some way smaller authors can help each other out? I like doing this kind of social media promotion, but it seems there’s no room left for small stock music authors.

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Just wanted to open a thread on the same subject.
This summer I was looking into YouTube promotion with very little results, and reached the conclusion that either I’m completely missing out on something here or perhaps using ads is the only way to breakthrough these days.
Any help would be appreciated!


I’ve made a little free resource for authors to use on youtube, it’s an impactful custom thumbnail template for your videos. Just add your art and change the text. It always looks more professional to use a custom thumbnail on your videos. You just save a jpg and add it on the edit video page, and you’ll have a thumbnail that looks like this:


Download the template here:

You’ll need to download this font as well: