Improvement in the number of plays/views your tracks


Hello guys!
How do U improve the number of plays/views your tracks?


Social media is great! Every track I post, I share to Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud, AND make a video player to post on YouTube (see what I mean here). I use to keep track of who’s clicking in from where, and hope for the best!


very cool youtube player! I would love to know how to do it :smile:


nice Terran theme!


Great! Thanx!
Video on YouTube improved ur sales and views?


Haha thanks, it’s an After Effects template I set up. I’ve been meaning to put it on VideoHive at some point, but I haven’t had the time.

Yes, it definitely improves views. Sales, it’s hard to tell, since the analytics don’t give us a ton of help in the way of conversion tracking. :unamused: