Your uploaded item needs improvement

Hi everyone,
I would like to publish my first item on codecanyon.
I published the code and received some reports like xss, commented code, cdn etc.

I thought I had everything fixed but they tell me that something is still wrong and they do not specify what.

Could anyone help me?

The link to the public demo is:

Thanks in advance

What is the exact message from the reviewer ?

thank you for your reply.
I have uploaded the code 4 times.

The last message from reviewer is:

“Some of the previously raised issues have not been addressed.
Please go back through your previous review(s) and ensure ALL raised issues have been addressed before resubmitting.”

In the previews message from reviewer:

Remove unused/commented code from all files.
No inline CSS. All CSS must be separated into an external stylesheet.
Don’t load assets via CDN, bundle everything with the project.
No inline JavaScript. All JavaScript must be separated into an external file
All JavaScript should be written with “use strict” mode on;
Update all your libraries to their latest versions

But i have fixed all (i think :slight_smile: ) I don’t know what to do anymore

You’re probably missing one or few things. Double check everything one more time