Your portfolio is currently disabled and your items are not available for sale?

Where can I fix this, what is this???

Created at Status
22 September, 2022 Expired
15 September, 2022 Expired
08 September, 2022 Expired
01 September, 2022 Expired
what next???
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You need to verify your account. How it’s done is explained in Author ID Checks and Author ID Checks FAQ.
I hope that helps.


but all links are inactive , I can’t do any action - No open Author ID checks

Is your portfolio really disabled?
I have the same message, but my tracks are still available for sale for some reason.

When they are expired, you can request a new link from support.

Looks like they removed only parts of my portfolio. Tracks uploaded prior to may 2019 are still available, newer tracks are gone. Weird!

my entire portfolio is disabled - I’ve sent message to support for new acvtive link. we will see

can anyone help me out with portfolio, i got some issues

My portfolio is disabled. Funny thing is I did author verification a long time ago because I am also a graphic river author on the same account. So I shouldn’t have to do it again for audio jungle.

When those links expire and there is not new available on your upload page, just contact support by Submitting a request. But you already have and they will send you new link for verifying that account and once you do, they will enable portfolio.

That’s strange. The best way to see why that happened is to contact support. There’s a link for that page in my previous reply.

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Thanks, I will.

Still waiting to be unlocked.

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Time depends on how many tickets they have in their ticket system. It can take a couple of days until they get to that request.

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lol, support tells me I have to verify again. What a waste of time. They really have no system in place for authors who are on multiple envato markets? Good thing I wasn’t getting any sales anyway, since my portfolio is still down.

Done, first sale after enabled :wink:


Same issue here.

Do I have to wait for a request to complete another check?

I have 4 expired Author ID checks.

I need my account back! It is so so precious to me :slight_smile:

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Just contact support, they will send another request.


i have sent another email to

and received the automatic email.

i hope i will get a response in a few days.

if not, i will make another post here.

They don’t work until Monday and then depends how many tickets there in their ticket system. I see Slav-Media didn’t wait long for their reply, so fingers crossed it goes that way for you as well.

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That is very kind of you Suzana! Thank you!

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