How can i see my songs on my profile page?

I can not see anymore the button of my items… The Portfolio button. Someone knows how to fix it?

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You need contact the support team !
or write here

Seems your portfolio has been temporarely disabled because you hadn’t marked your PRO/No PRO affiliation before the deadline. It has happened to some authors. Hope support will help you soon.

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And what about this affiliation…? Some discussions around? Can you tell me more about?

Thank you for reply me!

There were announcements at the forums Upcoming changes to our Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.) policy on AudioJungle and there were notifications at dashboards and by e-mails, perhaps you missed them. We needed to select our P.R.O affiliated/not any P.R.O affiliated option here at author’s settings before the beginning of October, if I remember correctly.

I had some problems with my internet connection and I miss that. And now? How can I reactivate my account?

There you go: :slight_smile:

Thank you,guys,for your help!

I contacted the Help Team and I got an email from them as my request will be reviewed. What should I do next?

Only to wait. it may take a few days for them to reply.

And fill your P.R.O form, of course.