Your portfolio is currently disabled and your items are not available for sale. For more informatio

Please help…

There was no tax information was added to GraphicRiver. Recently I added it. Also my Envato Author Id check was not verified. I have successfully verified that too.

But now a red badge warning comes on my profile “Your portfolio is currently disabled and your items are not available for sale. For more information, please visit our [Uploading FAQs article]”

And my published items are hidden as soft rejected.

What should I do now? Kindly help to give me a valid information. Thank you.

Contact Envato support for further information/help

Thank you

hi, u did not get less than 10% approval?


What is it please? less than 10% approvals means what? Can you please give some more information on this pls

Did it get reolved what was the problem remaining ?

less than 10% approvals will have u blocked and unable to post for 6 months …

Thank you for the reply, 10% approval means, the approval rate right? That means if I would upload 10 items at-least one should be approved, and if I have uploaded two and both are approved that is 100% right? Thanks for the info… but still need to know that it’s approval rate right not an amount of items to be approved per month

Further is it per month? I need to maintain 10% approval rate per month?

yes as for I know , this is it , the rata of approved items. Though if u get under 30 or 35% - I do not remember well - your upload right will be restricted to a number of item per month if I am correct … (the number of items depending the category …)

It feels the market databases are saturated and they no longer need more and more items, so it’s kind of controlling, and the new terms gives a new whole story

This need to be clarified → you do not have to upload items every month. Only → If ← you are uploading items then it’s better to have most of them approved.

I think that what he wanted to know is whether this brings a monthly restriction to the table …