How do I know if my item has been accepted ?!

Hello. I recently joined envato and sent a business card item, which did not tell me whether it was accepted or not. There was only one email saying that you had to fill out the tax form before the first sale.

Then I wanted to upload another business card and it said you can only upload 9 more items a month, does that mean my previous one has been accepted ???

Then I went and searched all the business cards of the last week, but mine was not there!
How can an item be accepted and not listed?

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No, you need to fill in the tax form.
After that your uploaded item will be reviewed.
Items can not be reviewed while the tax form is not fill in correctly.

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@anon1793733 No. This does not affect the review of items in any way
@masihaRM Your item has been rejected or not enough time has passed for it to be reviewed. If it was approved, you would see it in your portfolio, but I see that your portfolio is empty. In any case, you should receive an notification to your mail (if you have not disabled it in the settings). Also, the letter can get into the “spam” folder for some reason


hi if u have received this , it basically means that u are under the 35% ratio and that they block the number of submissions that u can upload , this is the first thing, afterwards, this is the clue for the rest , as if u have been having your rights restricted about uploading this means that the largest majority of your items have been rejected. This is easy to see if an item had been approved, this appears in your portfolio. If now u can rest assured the thing has been rejected , whether there was delayed email, email going to the spam folder or whatever …

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hi, thank you.
"it basically means that u are under the 35% ratio and that they block the number of submissions that u can upload " What does it mean?

It has been more than 5 days, but the status of my item has not been determined yet. Neither rejected nor approved, now I see I can upload 9 more items. Why did they suspend my work ?? What is the problem?

Just 5 days? So your first post was after one day of waiting? It is not enough. It looks like your item is still in the queue. Just be patient and wait. Your item will be reviewed in the coming days :slightly_smiling_face:

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hi as u will realize - I guess u are a newbie to ask this question - indeed, here the queuing time is varying according to many reasons: holidays, flow of submissions, period of the year (second part of the year is synonymous with far more submissions and increased waiting time , logically enough) and that in a general way waiting time is not that big but , at times, u may have to wait up to days for some items even around 2 weeks in the worst cases for some type of items … just wait patiently and I hope your item will be approved …

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