submited my first item where i can find it out if its rejected or approved ?

hi guys , need some help !
am new here just subscribed as an author and uploaded my first item as a logo reveal template on after effects
well 4 days of review passed but did not receive any notification and I can’t see if my item is approved or rejected .I checked on hidden item still cant find it there .
so is it hard reject
what should I do

Approved or rejected you should have gotten an email, check your junk folder.

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exactly i cheched every corner even spam mails

what can I do if I don’t receive any email or notification . my dashboard looks clear as new as if I did not do any thing on it .should I reupload ?

No, contact support.

i got a badge that say
(Collector level 1 : Has collected 1 + Items on envato market )
does it mean my item is on the market ?
what does it mean and how i can contact this support ?

Hello @Abtechtips

The badge means that you have made a purchase on the Market or downloaded a Free File of The Month. That does not mean your item is on the market.

You can contact support using this link → Envato Authors Help and Support. You can tell them that you have submitted an item, you don’t see it anywhere on your profile and you didn’t get any rejection/confirmation e-mail regarding the result of the review. The team will be able to assist.

yes i used to buy .but first time seen it !
thank you for your help i will try to contact the support as you said

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Great! No worries, we’re here to help :wink:

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I’m no worried any more :wink: since you are helping me .will tell you what they give me as an answer when i get it
thank you for your help

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