YOUR OPINION? : Simple Piano Logo Pack, has been rejected

We have completed our review of “Simple Piano Logo Pack” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

This is just one track, did you uploaded it to “pack” section¿?

in the preview it sounds like a track … but in the zip folder they are divided into separate logos …

in zip it sounds like this:

Did you get all those tracks previously approved in AJ?
To upload a pack all tracks must be in your portfolio.


I understand thank you…maybe this is my mistake…thank you again

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@Manriquedelara @GrennadaDocker .

It sounds to me like a hard reject not a soft reject. From what i know , solo instruments tracks are rejected. But according to reviewer’s comment, it’s below quality standards of AJ market. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Piano tracks are not automatically rejected.


According to Audio Jungle : ’ Currently we are not accepting files similar to those described below:

• Tracks using only one instrument and only one note played at any time.

• Tracks demonstrating excessive dissonance.

• Basic drum/percussion loops.’

If there are any exceptions, they are on behalf of AJ reviewers. But i cannot pronounce.

We had this discussion here already several times. Good piano tracks are accepted on AJ and I even have a few in my Portfolio. Solo instruments like a trumpet or a flute will not get accepted. That’s all.

@Audioland . well, that is good news.

Hi, to me your piano logos sound perfectly good; but a pack can only be made of previously accepted tracks; so you’ll first upload them one by one, and see what happens.