1 approved + 4 rejected = No pack

Alright so I was preparing a pack with five different logos/idents played with a marimba. I uploaded all five, so I later would be able to upload the pack. The first one got approved, but the rest got hard rejected. I simply do not understand why.

Here’s the approved one

The other four where identical in sound and structure, but played different melodies. Is this why I got rejected? The motivation I got for the rejection was the standard “…does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production standard”. There was nothing wrong musically with the other four, I can assure you that.

Did I maybe get rejected because I had different guys review my items? Has this happened to any of you? Now after 10 days wait I can’t even upload the pack :frowning: This was my first attempt at making a pack, so did I do it wrong by making very similar tracks with the melodies being the only difference? Sometimes it feels like the reviewers at Envato have no guidelines whatsoever when it comes to how they should do their job.