[HARD REJECTION] Could You please help me, why my track got hard rejected?

Hello everyone!
Could you help me why this track was rejected?
Appreciate if someone could give me some feedback.

Thank you.

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Hi ! As far as I remember, they don’t accept tracks on only one instrument.
Details here. :arrow_down:

Good luck!

Not true. Piano tracks are accepted.

“Items we Don’t need:
Tracks using only one instrument and only one note played at any time.” Open the link and read.
@Audioland You do not need to correct me at all, but it is better to give useful feedback on the topic when need it :grin:. Good luck! :grin:

@MutedSymphony Well, I brought you the fact of what is written (the link I gave you). If you know better than others and are ready to argue, why then ask something? All the best (I see no reason to help you in this matter, you know better than all others)!

What a masterpiece “Hope”.


Thanks for your feedback!

Awesome work!!
Too sad what - “Tracks using only one instrument” don’t need in Audiojungle(
I don’t know about this… Thank you @CleanMagicAudio for useful info:)
And yes, i think it is main reason for reject your work @MutedSymphony

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Hey thanks for your feedback @Romull but what I understand in the Audiojungle rules is they don’t need music with a single instrument playing one single note after another. But I think that’s not the case.

Thank you.

By the way @CleanMagicAudio and @Romull, they rejected this track with this comment:
“this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle”.

Thanks for your feedback.