Your criticism is required. My template is rejected.

I wrote all the year round my template. I supposed I thought out all the details. It wasn’t easy. And my template was rejected.
I ask you if it isn’t difficult for you, please, point to my mistakes. It could help me to avoid them at the next submission. Here is the link:


I have saw your item my opinion about your item rejection is, Your item design quality lots of common design that are already exist on Envato market.
I think you need to create more unique design for themeforest hope they will approved.


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Thank you for reply. I hope too! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Compare your template with the approved templates on themeforest. Attention to the details are required in your design.

1 I see typographic hierarchy / spacing issue in the hero slider section and buttons are also too big.
2 Every section should have consistent spacing on top and bottom but in your design the spacing differs. (for example:- In service section bottom space is more than the top space)

There are more issues but i hope you will understand as you go through the design carefully.

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