My template was rejected

I submitted my first template on Theme Forest but my item wasn’t approved. I have no idea why… Any suggestions what I did wrong?


Hi there:

Your design is too basic but you need practice more for approved themeforest but first psd, later html, wordpress, etc.


@JeriTeam really too simple? It’s just long page and it’s looking better than 98% of other designs…
What I need to practice more? I’m developer with 8 years experience :slight_smile:

Your design errors are:
Typography, no spacing, bad colors, etc but you can see for example other design on themeforest.

What’s wrong with typography? Where are you missing spacing?
Yes it’s different compare to 99% of themes on ThemeForest but that was the main goal to make something different. Ok as I see this was waste of time try to create template…

It is a pity that for 8 years of your activity you have learned nothing. I would advise you to start working with a designer.

Of course Russian idiot knows everything best :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re very self-confident-in vain. You need to treat yourself objectively and listen to the opinion of others. Otherwise, you’re an idiot

Ok I will spend one more minute of my time for you.
Do you know what is FORUM? It’s place where people come for advice and discussion.
I had a problem and was looking for some advices.
Then you came and started to offend me. Did I miss some advice to my question from your side except finding designer?
For your information this template was designed by designer. I wasn’t asking if you personally like this design. Everybody likes something different. I was asking what can be the reason of hard rejection.
But I understand you just wanted to look very cool and experienced but now you look just like an idiot…

Have a nice day in Russia :slight_smile:

But don’t get me wrong, design is the main element of evaluation for envato reviewers. That’s why you were refused (without taking into account other, no less serious problems of your template). In Russia, all the days are wonderful, because in this country - the world Cup :slight_smile:

Created by a designer or not - with respect this is not premium.

There are fundamental issues with typography (esp font choices, spacing, line height and hierarchy)

The code has avoidable validation issues

There needs to be A LOT more to it in terms of features and functionality.

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