You won't be able to re-submit this item again!

I’m a new author. My first attempt to list a product with Envato was “Little Uploader”. You can see it live at I’m wondering why first the product was denied and second why I can’t re-submit it again.


Not entirely sure why it was rejected, Codecanyon isn’t really my thang, but on the ‘why you can’t upload it again’ thing…

That’s because if it’s not suitable for the site, then if you upload it again, it’s just going to get rejected again. That’s taking up reviewer resources for no valid reason, and just makes the queue longer for everyone else. You can submit the item again if you have made sufficient changes so that it’s essentially a new item, but you can’t just re-upload the item as it is now.

I guess it’s kind of like applying for a job, being unsuccessful, and then sticking in another application right away. If it’s for a different job then that’s ok, or if it’s a year later and you have additional skills, experience and qualifications… no problem. But if it’s the same application, with the same contents, for the same job… then it’s a bit of a waste of time for you and for the recruitment team.

Hope that clarifies!


That helps me out significantly.

What would you recommend changing? What would be the best approach in finding out why it was rejected and what changes I can make to improve upon it?

Thank you.

I’m no code wizard, but hopefully somebody who is can provide a bit of advice.

Nice approach! :smiley:

I have seen your item. Well, I will try to explain possible reason for rejecting.

There are plenty of file uploads scripts.

I have choosen 2 last ones that are aproved.

As you can see, these scripts have much more features than yours, graphic is somehow better, but they also don’t make too much money. So market with uploads is oversaturated.

If you want to be aproved by codecanyon you must give some extra value to buyers.

Why should I buy your script when I can find similar for free?

Even if they approved your script, you wouldn’t have much sales, maybe couple of sales.

So, let this be motivation for you to improve your script significally. I was in your situation and I know that it could be very frustrating, but today I can upload any script with 100% of aproving. You must research other scripts, market demanding, if you want to upload image uploader then make some extra features like:

  1. Image croping

  2. Image resizing

  3. Some filter options

  4. Creating thumbnails

Also, improve your design.

So, research other scripts and then find some extra feature to add that other scripts don’t have.




Thank you for your input; it helps me significantly.

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Thanks so much for this comment. I was scared when i read that I can’t re-submit my template again.