Yes, Read this young and "NOT in a PRO" composers

When you blow off joining a performance rights organization, you miss out on huge opportunities that come from nowhere…such as your music getting synced into a big ad campaign, or luckily becoming a theme of some show. Many AJ authors promote themselves as NOT IN A PRO, thinking that gives them “undercutting” leverage and a competitive advantage to sell more syncs for peanuts. Well guess what? your intellectual property can and will get licensed and used on TV spots, TV shows and you will never ever collect performance royalties. That’s just “dumb” business.


Love this quote from the article

"You deserve a royalty for your intellectual property.

You made the thing, it’s wonderful, it came from your brain and you should be paid for it, for as long as that thing you made is being used. Every time. ‘Til death +75 years. Don’t forget it "

and here is that “little Theme” that probably has earned this writer 500K to 1 million dollars in performance royalties.

Oh dear, all those suckers who wrote for epidemic and agreed to never join a PRO. Wow! are they just terribly ignorant and mis-informed.