New Decade Is Here - Are you educated and Ready?

If you create music for a full time or have a goal to do so, I’d join a PRO immediately. Big Corporate business is doing everything they can to strip away our performance royalties from music used in TV shows, films, and ads. They also are doing everything they can to serve up tracks for close to nothing and many of you seem to be on board with the free give away. The question is…why?

Read carefully all of this:

Creating a space for a community of composers to share knowledge is something that we’ve thought about for a long time.

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Mark T. Williams: “It’s critically important that we as a collective body are aligned.”

Jeff Cardoni: “Performance royalties: you owe it to yourself to find out what it means." It just might mean the difference between getting a gig and having a career.

Mateo Messina: “A bird in hand is so tempting, but as a composer, we live and die by our royalties.”

Didier Lean-Rachou: “I would encourage all young composers to carefully consider the long-term effects of signing away your rights at this early stage in your career.” Learn what you might be giving up

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