Composer Compensation Basics

Read again, and again…and again…and again…and even again.

When you continue to supply subscription models, buy out models, and give away your music for $5, you are literally destroying your future and our business as a whole. I am not sure if it can get much worse than where we stand today, but it probably will due to ignorant composers taking every horrible deal offered to them.


Is this valid for composers in US only? Does a composer from overseas have a chance to find a place in this sector?


I understand the intention of your post.
I guess, those, who are reading it, are those, who are already affected by all the negative impacts.
Those, who don’t reading it, know why not reading it. As long as a subscription-model-composer earns more money as on the “nomal”-market-composer, why should he change his strategy?
As long as a platform like Envato gets more money with a subscription model (with stable forecasts for the shareholders) as with a “normal” market model, why should they change their strategy?
As long, as a composer gets more visibilty with $5 sales on this platform (and can partly compensate the difference in earnings), than a composer who sells his work for reasonable $29 - why should he change his strategy?
As long, as customers fall on subscription models, nothing will change.
A customer is not interested in:“How much effort and work means that product? How I am able to pay a really fair price for the composer?” The customer gets served, the customer buys.
Today a lot of products in the world tending to become short-term-products. All kinds of electronics, clothes, furniture, cars - the lifecycles of all products drop. And we use these short term products without asking about it’s reasonable value.That’s also valid for the product music. We create no products for the eternity like Beethoven or Bach. We create consumer products. Bought today, forgotten tomorrow. And the customer is not willing to pay more, because it’s reasonable and fair in our eyes. We are part of that industry. We are part of this short term lifestyle. (ohhh, I see now all the answers incoming:“No, I am NOT part of this lifestyle!!”).

The industry will not change for us. The customers will not change for us. We can change our strategy and stop to be part of this game. We can stop producing music for this market. But I’m sure, at the end no one of you is willing to go this way.