WZone Amazon AWS 401 Error

I am having problems with my access keys. Everytime I paste the access keys in and click check amazon keys i get the below error message appear

  • Country: United Kingdom

http msg = [401] Client error: POST https://webservices.amazon.co.uk/paapi5/searchitems resulted in a 401 Unauthorized response: {“__type”:“com.amazon.paapi5#UnrecognizedClientException”,“Errors”:[{“Code”:“UnrecognizedClient”,“Message”:"The Access K (truncated…)
http x-amzn-RequestId = DELETED
errcode = UnrecognizedClient
errmsg = The Access Key ID or security token included in the request is invalid. ]]

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates was not able to connect to Amazon with the specified AWS Key Pair and Associate ID. Please triple-check your AWS Keys and Associate ID.

I have writted DELETED where it would have had the ID

Does anyone have a fix for this?

I have waited a day and tried again and there are no spaces at the end of the keys I’ve pasted in!


Have you read through this topic?

Scroll down the page to the comment made by tinybluerocket.

If that helps :slight_smile: