WP Theme Rejected - Need Feedback



Hello there,

https://demo2.madrasthemes.com/kidos/ - is our WooCommerce theme built using https://themeforest.net/item/kidos-kids-clothing-ecommerce-psd-template/18705291

It got rejected and I’d like to hear your feedback on this.

Thanks in advance.


Have you included permission from the PSD author to convert their item?


I think that you need permission other author PSD submit ticket envato you username before upload wordpress.


Hello there,

Thank you for getting back. I appreciate your responses. Yes, I did provide the ticket number and it was hard rejected. Do you find any issues with the design ? Would appreciate your feedback.



You already have permission than you need submit ticket other author PSD before submit themeforest maybe error you already submit you username for so hard rejected, do u understand me?


Hello again,

Thank you for your response. I am aware of collaboration rules. The author of PSD created a ticket granting me rights and I provided when I submitted the theme. It still got rejected.

Can I ask you if you see any issues with the design itself ?



I think that your design is very good but I not know because you wordpress is hard rejected I never sell wordpress on themeforest. :frowning:



Thank you for your time and feedback. I really appreciate it.


Any design approved in any other category is not surely can be accepted in the WordPress category. I too have few items soft rejected for the same reason where we have very little to do as to improve the design. I suggest you to ask the PSD designer to make some significant changes in design and try re submitting it again.