wordpress theme that shows white blank page

I have wordpress theme that shows white blank page when i activated .

can you fix this issue >

Hi, first enable debugger and see what is making that issue.
And second, contact author of template to help you or pay someone to fix.


who’s going to fix it ?

How soon do you need it fixed?

2 days > max

There could be a number of reasons why your getting a white blank page. Are you seeing an error message on the page?

no error .

Try contacting your web host for support. They will be able to see what the issue is.

its not from web hosting, its from theme , i change hosting 3 times , same issue .

Right, but a blank page means there’s an error, and that the hosting has display_errors set to Off.

I’m not saying it’s a hosting issue; I’m saying contact your host so they can tell you what the error is. After that, if your host isn’t able to fix it by changing settings, contact the theme author for support.

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i will try to contact host, author does not support anymore .

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