Why my website becomes blank when I enable the wpbakery plugin, but when I deactivate wpbakery the content of website is displayed?

I am using the Wealty – Multi-Purpose Landing Page WordPress Theme and facing the headache of this theme from last week. When I complete the theme installation everything becomes blank. And when I deactivate the wpbakery plugin the theme basic content is displayed. Can anyone tell please how to solve this issue? I will be glad to get help. Thanks

This is 100% caused by some PHP issue on your server.

Try to contact the theme author, he should be able to help you with that.

Yes I contact him and waiting for his response. Can you suggest me something what should I change in PHP on the server? Because waiting for response will waste my time as it already does. Thanks

Please wait for author response.

Also, you do not have a buyer badge in your profile. Make sure to use an account with which you have purchased the theme when asking for support. It will save time.