Theme doesn't load, I get a blank page

Hi! I just purchased Crystal (from Code 125) theme, I installed it on my wordpress, but I just get a blank page on my site! Every other theme loads perfectly, but this one no…

I’ve tried deactivating all the plugins and also downgrading my wordpress in case it would be compatibility problems, but nothing worked…

What might be happening??

Hey, check the inspect element for any error, it might be something there.

you can contact me on skype (skype = samir.kaila1 ) to get paid service if interested…

also will offer you wordpress security plugin with discount rate if interested …


Can you post the link to your website? Also you can contact the author here:


I’ve contacted the author, but he’s taking too long to respond… :-/

Hummmm, I don’t really know how to identify errors with inspect element…Would you mind helping me?


Disable the Google Ads Plugin or remove them from widgets, also please for more ask the real author.