Wordpress theme for multiple companies under a single umbrella

hey guys,
I do hope you can help me.

Here is the thing:

  • 1 main company, let’s call it ACME
  • 3 different types of service provided by them
  • each “service” has a ACME logo with a slogan which vary, like ACME Doors, ACME automations, ACME wooden panels
  • they all should have the same brand / site

They asked me to have a single site, which could manage the 3 domain redirects: so

So it’s a single theme, POSSIBLY having a different color for each of the 3’s., in order to at least give the user the ability to understand where they are (ACME Doors is let’s say yellow, Automation is green etc)

What should I search for in themes tags/categories? all sites seems not to be able to do this to me


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You can choose any theme and contact me for further customuzation
The service is also available at Studio

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You need advice or someone who will make such site?

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actually guys I was just looking for an advice… what should I look for, in case this is a feature foreseen by some templates?


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