If we buy regular license theme with multiple themes in it, can we use all themes in different domain


If in a one regular license if I get multiple theme can we use different theme in different domain.

Thank you!

Hello @gacharyacharya,

You can only set up one website per license, even if the theme comes with multiple versions or “flavors”. If you want to use a theme on two different domains, then you will always need two different licenses.

Hope that clarifies it for you :slight_smile:

Thank you…:):slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi baileyherbert,

If I want to design website for my clients buy useing wordpress theme from themforest, at the footer section can I mention web designed by “my company name”.

Thank you!

Yes you can but in this case have to unique design from the theme demo and also if your client agree with this. You can’t credit yourself for the theme original design (as it is). Thanks

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