single theme for multiple websites?



Hi, I have started web development firm. And i want to purchase a wordpress theme from themeforest.
If so, is it possible to use the same theme for multiple websites???


Not without buying a new copy each time.

1 purchase = 1 license = 1 website


What will happen to my websites if i use it on many wabsites???:confused:


Any number of things from warning to take down, legal action etc. - you would be breaching the license which is illegal

It would very stupid and not very professional for a ‘web development firm’.


Thank uu mahn…


i have one more question
both purchasing theme and purchasing license are equal???



please check the link : license

i hope it helps you :thumbsup:



What is the situation with WP multisites?
E.g. I buy a theme, install it on a multisite network, use domain mapping to make all subsites have their own domain names. Am I allowed to do this with a regular license?