How to get Wordpress theme license for using in several websitesi?

We want to use the wordpress theme on several websites, our company has several sites, I wonder which license do we need to get in this case? Our sites are increasing every year and the number is unknown, we plan to use the same theme on several sites.

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according to envato license terms each license will be valid for a single end product (website/domain). So, for each of your website/domain you have to purchase individual license.


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@mgscoder Thanks for your help. Isn’t there a specific licensing method for agencies?

no, there is no such license for agencies to use a license in multi sites. you have to purchase individual license for each of your website/domain.


Thank you very much for your help. :+1:

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You can upload a theme to any website, so the response is yes. They have no way of knowing how many times you can upload/use their theme. The license is readily accessible on most theme sale websites, and you just need to update your license.

To be clear - you can technically ‘install’ the theme on multiple sites but you still need to purchase a license per website/project/client etc. without this.

  1. you will not be able to activate basic functionality and plugins, rendering it unusable

  2. it raises serious questions about the developer, let alone an agency who is willing to carry out client work by cheating their way out of less than $100 per project

It’s also worth remembering that -

  • Many authors are exclusive to envato so whatever other websites say about selling/sharing licenses, they are often not legit

  • envato and author implement several ways in which they are able to help protect buyers/authors/the marketplace when it comes to exploiting license use.
    For obvious reasons these are not discussed in public forums, but it would be incredibly naive to assume that this is not something which they invest time and resource into managing.

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Hi @Tuaghmohammad

It was wisely explained, but you can check more details here: