Looking for... "dual" theme


I’m looking for theme, that will support somethign like this (i know, its triple)


My customer has two companies, they need them under one domain. One business should be blue-themed, the other site should be red (well, i can modify theme, and i will have to). Anyway, theme that im looking for should have homepage that will allow to choose proper branch. Im not interested in subdomains. Hope i described it well enough…

If it’s HTML, you can manage it by cloning the files three times. Only you’d need an intro (homepage) for that.
For WordPress, you can use Network feature


There’s one small issue. If you purchase the theme for WordPress and want to use the same one for the others, you may need to purchase extra two license

Thank you. What about using wordpress multi-site feature? About the licence - it will be one site, under same domain. But I’ll look up into it. Thank you.

It doesn’t matter if you use it under one domain. To use it as this domain.com/theme1 / domain.com/theme2 you’d need two license