Wordpress Template With Specific Features


I am looking for a Wordpress theme with quite specific features. Freyja (https://themeforest.net/item/freyja-personal-wordpress-blog-theme/19168650) would have been nearly perfect, but it was impossible to get it to run on my server (yes, server, not hosting environment, the Wordpress-Installation is complex).

What do I look for? (I’ll try to be as thorough as possible):

  • blog is the standard view of the startpage (classic view, right sidebar)
  • responsive (but content area should not be too wide maxed out on desktop view, probably 750 pixels)
  • high resolution compatible
  • sticky menu (ideally still showing the logo when scrolling)
  • clean and elegant, light design
  • On start page:
    – post category or categories shown above post title
    – postmeta shown below post title: author, date, comments
    – tags shown below post
  • ready for custom post types (I need the possibility to assing a custom post type a full width template)
  • sidebar right and fullwidth templates available for post view, possible to assign full width to custom post type
  • Google Fonts for all site typography features (but this probably can be done with a plugin)
  • small carousel with images linking to featured posts and custom post types below the startpage header (but this possibly can be done with a plugin)
  • it is for a news site, so most of the time the full post content is shown on the start page. I have to be able to put an image above the post but below the title and postmeta, full width, scaling with screen size, or to use an image placed left of the text (e.g. book or dvd covers), but no list view, where images are always left to the post.
  • I need to add shortcodes and a custom post type (to the loop) in a child themes functions.php, so it needs to be child theme friendly
  • full customizer support

I am able to customize the theme in a child theme using php and css, but the option has to be there and working.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Best regards,

It seems like you have decided the theme. If the problem to install it on server, I could help you

No thanks, I am perfectly able to install a theme and so is my server provider. Freyja only generates 503 errors. We tested around ten other complex themes (that did work) and even installed a new test server with another Linux flavor and a newer PHP version on the webserver, but nothing worked with Freyja. Freyja is buggy and I really do not want to use it.