Wordpress theme with specific front page features

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post here.

I’m looking for a fairly simple theme that has the following traits:
• Simple slider that I can control the size of
• Control over text and link colours
• On the front page, particularly on the mobile version of the site, the client wants a full background image (not a repeating texture - an actual image)
• The ability not to have a logo or site title displayed (I know it’s a strange request but that’s what he has asked for)
• Woo Commerce Enabled

I personally don’t want the background image to be visible on the other pages as it will make the content very hard to read. But any suggestions on a theme that might fit these criteria would be very much appreciated.

Thank you all.

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It should be relatively easy to do most of this using any app commerce theme or one of the multi purpose ones with commerce and VC included. You may need a couple of small CSS edits but all pretty simple.

A few considerations…

  • bear in mind that the slider is likely to adapt responsively on phones so may look a bit different. You can generally set these not to behave in his way, however, they will then look tiny and lost potentially.

  • link colours is fine but might be a bit more work if they need to be multiple different colours

  • the front page with image BG. It’s relatively easy to do but again as with the slider, your client and you need to think about what image to use, how it behaves on different devices and how much space this will give you for content.


You can try a look with Enfold template.

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Hi Charlie,
Thanks so much for your reply - I’ve been having difficulty with the mobile side of things - not so much the desktop. Some of my containers are solid white and I’ve had difficulty hacking them so the background image pokes through. I’m also having some issues with frequent directional changes which has made picking a template and staying with it very difficult.

I’m drawing up a HiFidelity schematic now as I believe it will need to be a totally custom build - perhaps well over my level of skill. I’m just an editor, the developer side is mostly above my head.

But thank you for being so kind and for your reply. :slight_smile:

Hi Zaccc,

Yes! This is a good option!

I have contacted the developer about my clients requirements and am just waiting for a reply.

Thank you for your input on this one!

  • Amanda