Help!!!! Been searching for specific template...........

I have a specific website template in mind that I am looking to purchase. Please I need help from anyone who can point me in the right direction
Details of the template
-Wordpress template
-Minimalist style ( black and white )
-Full length Photo/video slide on the main page
-Customizable (add and remove pages, add logo, add one more colour fonts)
-has 5 -10 pages.
I have been searching for a few weeks and cant seem to find the spec I’m looking for. Any Suggestions is welcome and appreciated.
Many Thanks

I’m afraid that’s a bit vague as it describes probably about 60% of creative WordPress themes sold here.

Personally I am a big fan of authors like @tommusrhodus, @fuelthemes, @greatives but of course there are numerous more great authors too.

Don’t get too hung up on what a demo looks like - a key part of WP themes is that you can adapt the features to looks like what you want

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Could you describe it a little bit more, please?
Just let us know what your website is about. Photography, sports, music, events, blogging?
So that we might be able to give you some specific tips.

With such description you can use 80% of all WP templates on Themeforest.

Thanks guys for your response.
The website is for a startup Bridal atelier.
Its a simple website, where potential clients can see current designs, schedule a Bridal consultation, contact us e.t.c

The home page has to be able to display full length pictures e.g picture of a model in a wedding dress, showing from her top to bottom.

Hope this adds a little more context/info.

looking forward to more responses,suggestions.


Hi there,

personally me I would recommend this theme:
I am simply in love with the items of this author, so easy to use and no need to big changes, because the theme is styled so nicely.

The look and feel is the right one for a bridal atelier.
You can even choose from different header styles (different menu styles) and footer styles.

You can choose from different color combinations as offered by different demos to start with (as a default one click demo installation). Colors can be changed really easily.

full length pictures:

The theme comes with different kind of galleries (see demo websites: Features menu > Gallery submenu > Grid, Masonry, Cobbles or Features menu > Polaroid Gallery)

  • Masonry is great for showing full lenght photos having any dimensions

  • or you can just simply show single photos as a full length photo

You can build any kind of pages combining any parts you can see on the website.

schedule a Bridal consultation:

The theme comes with appointment booking plugins bundled,

  1. Booked Appointments (for free) see it in action here – you can create any kind of booking rules (including the pop up window fields) and even monatize and accept online payments
    (I prefer this option, really easy to use)

  2. or Bookly (free version included) – see it in action here – note: with free version only offline payment is availble (no online payment is available with free version of the plugin)
    (Use this plugin if you are a little more experienced wordpress user)

contact us:
Looks great by default, doesn’t it? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: - no need to make hard changes :slight_smile:

Other features that are faboulos for your kind of business:

Just to mention the ones that are really practical for your business.
And the theme comes with different blog styles and shop and prebuilt pages - all styled very, very nice, there is no need to change a lot of things. You can use the theme as it is :slight_smile:

(This is my favorite choice, some might like other themes and styles)

Hello @EllaBernard

Such site you can make with any template and little CSS changes. If you dont have any experience my advice is to hire someone who have experience. You will save money and time and your site
Maybe you will get some idea from my last site