Help finding wordpress Minimalist template

Hi I am trying to find a WP template that will allow me to create a site like the attached example. Same color and font would be great, but at least the same kind of layout with no header etc. The rest of the site will just be bio, bio photo, and more text, and a contact form or email adress. thanks.

I’m usually working on minimal themes, you can check my profile if you’d like. I don’t have the exact same as you need but I’m sure one of my theme may require some of your requirements and with some few modifications, you can get the same results. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in

Thanks I took a look but came up confused. can u point me to the theme that you think would work?




You can check my portfolio, maybe is something there that you need.

Just looking for a theme that lets me do exactly like i showed in example. im searching hundreds of themes but cant really figure out if i can dumb them down so i can literally have one background color and one font color with similar look as my example.

ThemeForest themes usually requires a bit more details so it may not be possible to find the exact theme as you need. You could find something close but most likely you will need modifications. In case of need, you can purchase this service I’m OK to work on someone else project, too

The example our theme have page builder so you can add image or color builder, text hover, etc.
If you want example, you can make that with creus WordPress using page builder front.


Hi @chrisleschinsky

Maybe this one would work? You could replace the big profile photo with a one color photo on the main page…

I saw the website from where you took the screenshot, that one is custom done in Squarespace…

@ki-themes @payothemes if you have such themes in your portofolio, it’s fine to post a link when the customers are looking for items, this will not be consider self-promotion, according to our community guidelines.

Thanks, I sent the Jonny template to my web girl to see if it will work. Much appreciated.

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