Looking for theme - something different

Hi, I have a customer who is looking for a new website so i have been looking through Themeforest particularly at the wordpress themes. The problem is they are all the same…everything is just so similar nothing is standing out.

The client is in the construction industry but doesn’t want something too ‘corporate’ facing as he also deals with home users as well.

I guess i’m after something new and fresh but having spent the last two hours on themeforest going through the templates they are all looking so alike and i want something thats a bit different…

I think one of my issues is i usually start with the companies colours/branding for basic inspiration but this company doesn’t even have a logo and no brand colour so i’m looking to be inspred!

All suggestions very welcome.

Many thanks

You can check it out my items. I do have some other themes some other places. Let me know if you’re interested in.


That’s because they all are “templates” and You can personalize them only partially … If You want really individual design You must hire some designer and programmer , pay about 1000-1500$ for graphic and 2000$ for programming - then You will have unique page. There is huge library of themes but yes, all templates are very similar, You can’t get individual product for 40$, sorry :slight_smile: . Everyone try to make product that will be multipurpose so will be good for many customers, not only for one - and that’s why they are all very similar.

That’s always most funny reject reason for me - “your template is too similar to existing in our library” … and which isn’t ? :slight_smile:

Would you be interested checking out my portfolio? I also have the WP themes that work well with the architecture and building images. :slightly_smiling:

Hi Wordicathemes, i understand the difference between a ‘$40 template’ and a custom site created from scratch but my point is even early last year you could look through the templates and there would be a few that would be ‘different’ and stand out - no matter what the clients field was (hotel/builder/seller etc) but looking through the new templates is like everyone just bought one template, made a few changes and stuck it up as a ‘new’ template ( i know thats not true) but the similarity is astonishing imho.
Didn’t mean to upset anyone but i guess i’ll just have to stick with the ‘bland’ for now.

Hi ki_themes,
Thanks so much for your reply, thats a very nice template but probably not right for this customer but i have bookmarked it for future as it is different - nice work.


Hi, Thanks for your reply. I will check them out. I already had Nimva and have started to work with that for now as i would like to have a basic ‘look & feel’ site for the customer on monday morning to give him a rough idea.

I will go through your templates and if there is any there i will switch to that as tbh i’m not that happy with nimva but as i already bought it a while back i thought i’d use it until i find something with that little bit ‘extra’ (whatever the ‘extra’ is…even i don’t know but i will when i see it!)


Actually just had a quick look through your portfolio - Kose is very nice and different than the standard! I’m very interested, just need to see if it will fit the business i need it for but you may have a new buyer! Nice work!!!

So I understand that You take X money from client and looking for ready template to have less work ? :slight_smile: I don’t understand why You complain then :slight_smile:

But Yes, templates are templates, they all are not too much unique on every that kind of shop. It’s more like a foundations, rest of uniquest You must do Yourself or use this from demo.

This is EXACTLY what i DIDN’T WANT…its not me ‘taking X money from a client so i have less work’ - that was NEVER mentioned! My point was that the designs are all too similar, i think most right-minded people can blatantly see that themselves.

When i get a template i spend dozens of hours customising it and doing bespoke graphics for every single client so it was NEVER about less work for a €40 product. Templates (to me at least) have always been about the basic layout as a starting point only and also a bit of inspration…

Mods can close this thread if they want - thanks

Thanks Secc! Let me know if you have any questions regarding the theme(s). :wink:


So I still don’t understand why You looking for ready template that will fit your needs… but whatever … :slight_smile:

Good Luck with searching.

well i guess i won’t be buying one of yours as themeforest keep rejecting them - says it all really! topic closed.

You can find some more unique in “Creative” category, but not sure if they will be suitable for construction company hehe :slightly_smiling: