Looking for an extraordinary wordpress theme


I’m looking for a wordpress theme for my webhosting and software developement company. It should be professional but yet creative and unusual. I think customers will expect a webhosting company to stand out, thats why I’d like something rather unconventional.

Unfortunately I was unable to find a suiting theme myself. Maybe someone can recommend me a theme s/he saw or created that suits my criteria.

Thanks in advance.

hmmm, maybe mine? :smiley: check our portfolio if you have time :slightly_smiling:

Hey there we have a theme that is going to be what you are looking for still in the review process. Hoping to get it on TF in a few days.

If you need a preview to look at let me know.



Hi leafcolor, I had already seen your theme. Even though it was not as ‘special’ as I originally intended it was very impressive. Can you tell me if it is available in different colors?

Hi Nitro_Themes, I’d be interested in a preview.

Hi, of course yes, you could change main color easily in theme options panel :slight_smile:

Ok, great. Just one more question. I really like the device showcase. Can the device used for that be changed? I would like a tablet or a notebook better. If the answer is no, are notebook images included at all?

Of course YES :smiley: you could choose in these devides:
we have iPhones, Android phones, iPad, macbook, apple watch… All is made with pure CSS & html :smiley:

Hi there here is the link to the theme.