Looking for a WordPress theme with specific features and design

Hello everyone,

I am looking to create a powerful website with multiple purposes. Some specific features are needed for this, and I hope I can build it with an existing WordPress theme. Customization and purchasing additional plugins/extensions is not a problem; that’s expected.

I want to create a professional website with a modern but still simplistic look. Great examples are any governmental, cultural, and historic-themed websites. Most of these websites have advanced features, but are not too distracting. The main problem I have with most of the top rated themes on Themeforest, is that they are mostly blog themes, or websites with a too modern/flashy look. That’s not what I am looking for.

I am looking for a WordPress theme that is capable of having the following features implemented:

  • Advanced but user-friendly menu.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Changing header background image upon refreshing the webpage; the images should be clickable (with links).
  • Advanced search and custom tags for each posts. For example, people should be able to search for specific types of buildings, locations, etc.
  • A directory/catalog. E.g. a heritage register (sort of like an excel list with data that is searchable).

Some examples of websites with similar purposes and a satisfactory design are:

  • ww2db.com : website that serves as an online archive for anything related to World War 2.
  • whc.unesco.org : heritage website with multiple languages, great menu, and the “header background image” feature I talked about.
  • americanheritage.com/historic-themes : great website, very professional looking, great advanced menu, but also an advanced search (see left sidebar).

So my questions are:

  1. Which WordPress theme should I use to build this website on?
  2. Which plugins/extensions can I use to implement/achieve the features listed above?
  3. Are you a freelance designer? Could you help me with some of the described features? (Such as an advanced menu, the directory/catalog, and the header background image feature?)

I hope I am not asking too much, and I hope WP is a suitable CMS for this purpose!

Thank you for reading.

Thanks for your reply.

I understand that. I was more concerned about whether it is possible to build a website with those features with WP. The thinks needed are pretty straightforward and nothing “unique” in the sense that it doesn’t exist for other sites already, but I base my opinion on WordPress demo themes, and most of them don’t “look” suitable.

Can I just use any WP theme and customize it from there on? I don’t want to build a custom WP theme from scratch; that would be too expensive and time consuming.

If you contact me, we could discuss the details as I stated before

Yes you can customize it. But not all templates suitable for modification.
It depends from template

I have send you an email! :slight_smile:

I have found a bunch of themes that I want to use as a basis. Can someone advice on which one is the best/most customisable to use as a basis for the purpose I outlined in my first post?

— List of themes —





These themes have a very modern look and are all magazine themes. I am not creating a magazine, but I found that the magazine themes on Themeforest have more existing features.

I already provided some examples of existing websites that I like.

A professional website with multiple purposes, but primarily to serve as an “advanced” directory/catalog.

If you can help with the customization jobs listed in the first post, primarily related to the website’s header and menu section, send me a PM!