WordPress Requirements Update and New Gutenberg Optimized Attribute


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Hi to all!

I am a new author on Envato Market.

  1. According to new requirements, how do I start developing a new theme? Maybe recommendations some frameworks to get started?
  2. What pages are required for my theme? What is the approximate files structure in the themes?
  3. Is it necessary to develop all the post formats?
  4. Can I use meta boxes to build a home page? Or use some page builder (Elementor)? Or develop everything based on Gutenberg?
  5. I do not fully understand the definition of optimization for Gutenberg. Do I need to rewrite styles for all standard blocks?
  6. Should I use widgets in the themes if they are not needed?

I would appreciate the advice!

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how do I verify if my theme is fully optimized with Gutenberg?

Your advice will be appreciated.


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Hi, I’m too interested to follow the Themeforest and the Codecanyon new WordPress requirements but some of the requirements making confusion for me. I would be confident to follow this new requirement in my new projects if anybody can assist me to find perfect solutions.

  1. WooCommerce: Can I add WooCommerce templates in my theme form WooCommerce plugin template directory? Because, some of the WooCommerce template feature can I edit using WC hooks but some of the features is still depended on the WooCommerce built in template. So, is it breaking the rule of the New WordPress requirement of Envato, If I want to copy this template from WooCommerce Plugin and also want to add other features in my theme with using hooks(actions and filter)?

  2. Custom Plugin Inclusion: Can I include custom plugin in the theme main file and call them using the TGMPA plugins “source” Key?



I got rejected on my theme compatibility review. Some of the issues are valid but some are very confusing. For ex - the theme check plugin will trigger a warning on

WARNING: Found ($_SERVER in the file user_testing.php . PHP Global Variable found. Ensure the context is safe and reliable.

Line 42: if( ‘POST’ == esc_html($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_METHOD’]) ){

I got back to the reviewer on this item and it said i have to fix the warning. No exceptions. And no alternative.

Does anyone have any advice regarding this situation ? Should i use something like

if (isset($_POST)){


Hey @climber

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Any update on what will happen if plugins do not meet requirements by 1st June 2019?


Hey @steve_lam, I’m curious why the traffic for our existing items are now (after getting the badge) even lower than before, and with the new category experiment, the traffic is almost zero.

In this case, what about “The sooner you receive the badge, the more relative effect the boost will have on your items.” from the other official post?

Any news on what happens with the authors without the badge? There was mentioned that there will be consequences if authors will not get the badge in time (the end of May).

What about ~90% of the top selling authors? There are only a few authors with the badge, as you can see on the Top Authors page (Only 3x/50 first best selling authors got the badge, so far)

So many questions without a clear answer.


I second what @ThemeSLR wrote, especially this part:

Any news on what happens with the authors without the badge? There was mentioned that there will be consequences if authors will not get the badge in time (the end of May).



Traffic is too slow this month. I don’t know the reason. But, there’s a huge drop of sales.


Yes, I am also very curious what will happen to authors who don’t have this badge by now.

You can check the full list of authors with the badge, here: https://forums.envato.com/badges/418/wp-requirements-compliant

By the time of writing, there are 48 authors with this badge, from the entire Envato market.


That list only contains authors who accessed the Envato Forums.

But even so, I believe that there are very few authors who got this badge, or even worse, not all the authors knows about it.


Yes, you are right. I was not aware of this. :slight_smile:


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I would also like to know what kind of penalties we can expect. Removed from search results? Items removed from the market altogether? I somewhat clumsily found out about this not too long ago and while we’ve been busy updating our plugins, there’s just no way to update all the themes in time, unless most of the portfolio is to be deleted. There’s also no way to review the CC and TF portfolios separately, so will all of an author’s items get the hammer even though items on one market should be up to speed?

Very frustrating to be in the dark like this, not knowing if you’ll have any income from the market at all next month.

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