Market Search Boost for WordPress Requirements Compliant Authors on ThemeForest

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a search boost for ThemeForest authors who have received the WP Requirements Compliant badge. While this benefits authors who meet WP’s most recent requirements, it also helps customers find up-to-date items more easily.

What does this mean?

If you have been awarded the WP Requirements Compliant badge, your items will now be boosted within search results, both within the WordPress category, and site wide.

The results of this boost will not appear equally on all of your items for all searches. Our search takes into consideration a large number of factors, a major one being how relevant the item is to the customer’s search query, and the boost is only one of these factors. This means that for some searches an item will move up several spots in the displayed results, whereas in other searches the item won’t move at all.

As you know, we are trying to increase the visibility of compliant authors, and this boost is designed as a part of that project. As more authors receive the badge, more items are boosted, which will show less of an overall effect for each item. The sooner you receive the badge, the more relative effect the boost will have on your items.

We already have two authors who have passed the spot check and been awarded the WP Requirements Compliant badge - congratulations! These will be our first two authors to receive the boost, and we look forward to seeing more authors benefit from this new reward.

How do I get the badge?

Refer to our earlier forum post for full details on the requirements for the badge, as well as how to nominate yourself.

At this stage the search boost is only available for ThemeForest authors. CodeCanyon authors, though, are still eligible to receive the WP Compliant Badge which is valuable for both authors and customers.

We’ll be around for the next seven days responding to your questions and comments in batches. Please be aware that responses may be a little slower due to the holiday period and remember our community guidelines as you post.


If you are curious who has the badge already follow this link.

WOW…if you don’t have any WordPress themes in your portfolio you can get the badge? Right? :slight_smile:

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Hi. Not sure what was so abusive in our post, just a bunch of screenshots, which only underline the fact that it is the truth, nothing else.

Though anyway, flagged or hidden, there were questions we really hoped to get the answer for. Just in case here it is again:

Does it start working since today? Also, how exactly does it work? I don’t understand. Slidesigma has this boost now, right? Why is he 20th in the search algorithm with his most important keyword “church” -

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I Strongly Believe I’m Getting this Badge Soon.

Is anyone here? Can we get some answers, please?

It seems like Envato is not interested in this badge at all. Why would you introduce it if you are not ready to answer the questions how it works?


Hey @ThemeREX

Sorry about the delay, have just been checking in with the responsible team :slight_smile:

Yes, the search boost has already been implemented. A large number of different factors, including relevancy to search terms, release date, and now search boost, all contribute to the results. The boost is only a small part of the entire picture. The boost increases the score of that item and that may, or may not, be enough for it to move up the search results depending on the search term and the score of other items matching that term.

Hope this helps!

Indeed it does.

Is there a way to get to know the score of the item? (both, yours and someone else’s). Also, can you please tell us the formula? If there is a number (score) there is always a way this number is generated!

If you can’t share the exact formula. Maybe you can at least tell us the up-to-date guidelines how to increase it. I mean, what exactly should be done.

Thanks a lot!

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