WordPress Requirements Update and New Gutenberg Optimized Attribute

So we passed 1st June 2019. Reminder: this was the deadline for updating plugins and themes to match new requirements. But still, no one seems to care. :slight_smile: I am not saying this is good or bad, just curious what and when will something happen in this topic (because there were some pretty serious announcements about this a while back).


This thread is so helpful and well informative.

Hi all,
Also we god our badge, we are proud with it.
We worked many hours to fix them, our help waa that we had many themes on new requirements but also we had many days of work.

I see this month sales are also less then last months, also last months are less then others but we try to work more and hopping will be better.

Good luck

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The update takes time ))) Also if I use only shortcodes for output, should I create gutenberg blocks too or not?

No, Gutenberg blocks are not required.

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We believe many authors not aware of this requirement. Envato must send email to authors about this and increase deadline.

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Any updates here? The deadline has passed long time ago. I was very excited when you have start this topic because I had believe that you will start to “clean the market”. There are a lot of items which are last time updated in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and which are still there as best selling items. All this items are out of date (both) - design and the technical (code) part are out of date.

So you think Envato will remove their best selling items?

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They have never said what the consequences will be for authors which does not update the theme to the latest requirements (obvious nothing for now) but I was hope that they will temporarily hide items like this and keep them hidden until update.

There is a item with 7k sales, last time updated in 2016 and author does not provide support for item - I really don’t see the point of this item anymore.

*Update - this “best selling item” with 7k sales, in the whole 2019 (7 months) has been sold 13 times.


I can confirm the massive drop in income from end of may and the bad author supporting with a quickly badly altered search algorithm to accommodate the new badge compliance. Our item got pushed down hard (we got it up a bit) and others which are inferior to our in all ways and without the badge stayed up.

I explained it here Search algorithm and what is happening with Envato elite support?


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Guys, I think we should just relax, and enjoy life. :slight_smile:

We have gutenberg for all themes but nothing new, only over 90% drop sales.
When we spent much time with compliance badge we hope that will bring new sales or more traffic, but i see that is opposite…


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