WordPress Requirements Update and New Gutenberg Optimized Attribute



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So this the official reply from WordPress Core team regarding short-echo-tag “<?=” - saying it is allowed. As mentioned - the “Envato WordPress Plugin Requirements Page” has to be fixed:

By @dd32 (Dion Hulse)
I’m closing this ticket for reasons previously outlined, and there being no Meta tasks needed here.

  • In the event the Core team decides to change the coding standards for WordPress Core they can update the Core Handbook.

  • Plugin authors can use short tags if they wish already, they’re not held to the same PHPCS rules of Core unless they choose to , they may use whatever MVC framework they want, and can require the usage of PHP 7.3 if they so desire.

Replies can still be added to this ticket if needed, and if required the ticket will be re-opened by a meta team member, but please consider adding a comment outlining why a meta ticket is needed prior to doing so.

(Source: https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4159#comment:7 )


Thanks for this knowledge it really helped me a lot as I am on learning stage and eager to learn Wordpress


Reviewers are doing awful job with testing Gutenberg optimization, my themes are getting back few times with completely irrelevant screenshots that don’t look like my themes at all, is there an error in upload process, are they seeing wrong theme version or what is going on I don’t know but this is very frustrating process where I have to make videos to prove my theme is not what they see on screenshot.



I’ve had issues with this in the past. The issues were all related to non-Gutenberg posts (I.e. Classic posts from the theme unit test) viewed in the Gutenberg editor without converting to blocks. In that case the posts do not inherit all of the Gutenberg block styling and look nothing like Gutenberg posts.

I decided the best way forward was to add additional styling for this situation. Now non-Gutenberg posts when viewed in the Gutenberg editor and without being converted to blocks are styled like Gutenberg posts.

Since doing that I no longer have any issues



Well this happened to me some time ago, it turned out that, for sure, they were testing with some plugin actived. The issue for me was with some customizer styles not being applied.
I was checking if the kirki class was present in order to load or not defaults.
From their screenshots (the problem took a month to figure out) all was smashed.

My theme, indeed, was NOT loading default styles, because kirki was in fact present, but NOT the kirki from my framework, the one from some external plugin.

So, the testing environment, was for sure not clean.

To fix, i changed the checks to be sure my framework was being loaded, and then the theme was published and rocking.

So, my suggestion, is to think about HOW they can be causing this.

You may find out some condition in your code that is causing to apply wrong styles or not loading all of the assets.

Hope my suggestion can help.


It seems this was a problem with one of my themes, classic post not converted to block but that theme passed review test after I showed video from my dashboard with Gutenberg block unit test so I suppose they are somewhat tolerant to that.
But reviewers should explain what they actually see as error, those screenshots are not understandable every time.
Also this issue with classic editor error should be mentioned in Gutenberg optimization page (is it mandatory or not).

I still didn’t find solution for this. Do you have a suggestion? First I thought maybe it is a wrapped div with specific class for classic editor but it seems it is not.


I use a few different selectors to target classic posts (viewed in Gutenberg without converting to blocks), here’s a few I’m using right now:


These seem to be quite effective.


We have submitted our portfolio more than two months ago but we didn’t get any reply yet.
Could you please check this for us?
Thank you!


It would be nice if Envato began requiring all theme authors to continue offering support and updates for their older themes. Most of the authors on ThemeForest abandon their themes after sales start to dwindle, and instead put all of the attention into their latest creations. This is the reason the theme market is no longer trusted. It’s dishonest to sell a theme that customers put a lot of time and energy into creating their website around, only to have the theme become abandoned after just a couple of years, while authors put all of their focus on their latest products and ignore the customers who put their trust in them. This has become the norm with ThemeForest, and it needs to change. If theme authors need to charge customers for continued updates, then so be it. But abandoning them is ridiculous.


To avoid similar issues I look to have all working together. This means old unit tests displaying correctly and if you use the gutenberg test plugin to have all displaying fine.

For some elements as for instance audio shortcodes and so on, is quite a pain because we use a double parsing process, but this is a transition period and within a few months it won’t be necessary.


Can someone recommend source with good example how to add plugin’s shortcode as Gutenberg block? Thanks.


How much that usually takes to get response after you submit your portfolio for check?


It takes only 2-3 days to check your items. But, to get the badge, I modified lots of thing and replied about 5 times to the support response. So, your item can pass the check within one month generally.

I used “Gutenberg Block Unit Test” plugin and sample block style CSS from WP default themes.


I already optimized my themes for Gutenberg, used Gutenberg Block Unit Test and I used Envato theme check plugin to get rid of all requirements and warnings.




Hi @anyone,

Just so I’m clear… do we essentially need to run the Envato Theme Check plugin on all our themes and so long as we don’t have any warnings, errors, etc, we can then submit our files for a spot check?

Hope someone can help, bit overwhelmed with all the information, thanks.



Yes. I suggest you to run Envato Theme Check plugin before submitting your items to check.


I also optimized all my plugins for Gutenberg, I am working now on the requirements compliance update for all my items. However, it is not an easy task, I estimate that it will take around 2 months to finish :slight_smile:


What if the plugin does not allow any editing/customizations, so it doesn’t really use Gutenberg in any way?

eg. I have an analytics plugin, you just install it and you get stats of your site, do I have to do anything for this update?


Yep. Great. Thanks you.