WordPress' 5.0 Gutenberg no compatibility with page builders

Hello WordPress devs,
As you’ve probably heard, WordPress is going to replace existing editing screen with a customizer-like editor called Gutenberg
This change is going to ship in 5.0, so we still have some months ahead.
I’m concerned about editor’s completely incompatibility with existing backend page builders. I’ve tested it with Unyson, KingComposer, and my own page builder, none of them worked.
Custom metaboxes don;t work too, but they are planning to fix this.
Yet they’re also planning to add an option to disable Gutenberg and keep old editor screen (what’s the point of adding Gutenberg then?)
Probably, all page builders must be rewritten now.
What is ThemeForest’s view on this ? Should WordPress authors which develop their themes around a page builder consider re-writing their builders ?

Answer from Gutenberg team on this question:

This is just my personal opinion:
At some point Gutenberg will become a standard in industry, as long as it’s released officially by WP team. Since TF is leading marketplace, the answer seem to be obvious :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure any page builder authors will update their code accordingly so they are compatible with any new additions. It looks like Gutenberg itself is still in beta phase though, so as you noted - it’s gonna take few more months before it’s even fully released, so we still have some time.