WordPress Gutenberg Horror!!!

Hey guys.

I want to ask how do you handle your Gutenberg styled themes, I released my first theme on WordPress 5.3, now on WordPress 5.6 the entire Gutenberg structure and CSS class names are modified.

I worked very hard to position everything to px perfection and now I have to start over again, and this is not taking just a day or two it will take me at least 2-3 weeks, and then on WordPress 5.7 and so on I will start again.

Is there any way to ease this job?

Any advice is appreciated it.

In my opinion, the WordPress team should decide and make a clear plan…, what about authors who have 10+ themes, this is stupid, I understand progress but this is torture for me at least!

Thank you.


I’m not sure what is the structure but Gutenberg is not really popular as Visual composer and Elementor. You should consider to switch at least one of these visual editors and put a note to your item description that Gutenberg support won’t be provided

If you want to keep using Gutenberg, you can find a free/paid extension that you can include to the theme, so when WordPress updated, you can just update the plugin

I want to go the Gutenberg path, it is to late now update it.

What plugin are you talking about?

Nothing specific but I’m quite sure there’re few plugins that you can use instead.

I might be wrong, but I think basic Gutenberg support IS a themeforest requirement.

I am talking about Gutenberg optimized, which means the backend to be identical to the front, of course, Gutenberg support is required but it is not the same thing with Gutenberg optimized…