Woocommerce Update

Hi I am using Issue Twenty Twenty One and the product page buttons are now longer working on Woocommerce after their recent update. People can add to the cart from the shop front but not the page itself. I understand I may need to update the templates but have no idea how to do that. Might this be fixed in a theme update? Woocommerce suggest it should be.

As the theme and the plug-in is for free, you need to find the issue by yourself of hire a developer - this issue is not related to Envato or marketplace items.

I paid for the theme.

is the free theme. If you have purchased the theme from Envato, contact for the item author for the support , if you still have valid “support” period.

You are right it is the No 17 Issue Magazine theme not twenty twenty one… Apologies for encroaching on your space…you get told you can do it all yourself, but you can’t and then it’s hard to know where to go for help.
Thank you for the responses.

Have you tried to contact the item author and get the issue fixed? If they are not responding or you’re out of support period, what I can offer is only “freelance” work, in case of you’re interested, I usually finish the job within 24 hours, if it’s urgent project, less than 12 hours.

There is no longer support available for this theme. I may have some help but if not, I will come back to you thank you.

No worries, good luck!