Woocommerce Plugins extensions and Addon

Hi I am new to envato and started downloads for my site.

  1. Almost 60% plugin I tried was rejected by the server but activation was successful when I tried to upload after unzipping. Correct me if I am doing this in a right way.

  2. I noticed few plugins ask for registration for due updates… what I am supposed to do? Will they charge a fee … or this is free for Envato customers?

  3. Also few authors ask for fee (?) for unfolding premium options/or extensions … these extensions or premium versions are not available for download at Envato …what is am supposed to do here

Thanks in advance for your comments

  1. That sounds like a high % but could be due to a lot of different things and is hard to determine without a lot more info. It may just be simpler to first unzip the item

  2. Registration is for ‘auto updates’. The item will not charge more for this feature, nor will it not work if you don’t register. You can always download the latest version of plugins from your downloads page on CodeCanyon and manually update things

  3. There may be extensions or add-ons which are premium on top of what you bought. BUT any feature you see in the CodeCanyon demo needs to be included

Thanks a lot Charlie for the update … I am somewhat confident now

In case I decide to register … which ID will work? Will that be on which I registered with Envato??

Also could you pls let me know … there on Envato few software are being sold. Can I download these under subscription … or these are for sale separately?

Best Regards

  1. you buy from codecanyon, themeforest etc. and use the purchase code (or you may need to create a token depending on the item/author) but this will all be covered in the documentation that comes with items

  2. NOTE: envato elements (subscription) does NOT come with purchase codes so plugins etc. will still work but you will NOT be able to register for auto updates etc.

  3. Envato doesn’t sell ‘software’ - CodeCanyon has some CRMs etc. on it but this is a stock marketplace selling (good items but)at less than $50 per product so it’s not a realistic alternative to the dedicated solutions out there