how can I register and update a wordpress plugin downloaded from envato element?

I just purchased the annual subscription in envato element and I downloaded a plugin that I would like to update and registe, I don´t know if I must use wp-envato-market, because the instructions refer to the add-ons bought in envato market, somebody can help me please, best regards, thank you very much !!!

Hi @tresletras :slight_smile: You shouldn’t need to register a plugin downloaded from Elements in order to unlock any functionality.

Currently, any WordPress plugin downloaded from Elements will need to be updated manually. If you check the item page, a changelog of any updates since the item was added to the Elements content library will be listed there.

Regarding the Envato Market plugin (and any similar update notification tools that require a purchase code) - as you won’t have an individual purchase code for your plugin, you won’t be able to use these.

There are a few different ways in which purchase codes are used in items: we’ve deemed some uses ok for Elements items (even though subscribers can’t use them) and some not. In general:

  • It’s not ok for a WordPress theme or plugin to require a purchase code to unlock any functionality: looks, special features etc.
  • It is ok for an item on Elements to use the Envato Market plugin or incorporate some sort of auto-update feature (for example, when these items are also sold on CodeCanyon or ThemeForest), even though these generally require a purchase code. While you won’t have a purchase code from Elements, you can still update these items manually.

Hope that helps!

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How exactly do we manually update the plugins or themes? Step by step, please.

Why don’t we get an Elements token and a white-labeled version of Envato Market Plugin??


You have to manually delete the old version of the plugin and upload the new version.

Please change to include element license= CodeCanyon License to all wordpress project.
We can’t check every day all the change log :frowning:
Thanks you

Elements items don’t come with the same license codes as full purchases.

I know they were looking for the best solution but right now I don’t think there is yet a way to register for auto updates etc

@charlie4282, not being able to auto-update elements plugins/themes is a pain… but, what doubles the pain is the fact that almost none of the plugins/themes show changelogs!

i’ve often seen that a plugin has an update available, gone through the (long) process to download, extract, update/replace… only to find that it’s the same version?! that’s whack!

to compound that pain, how and why is it that an updated plugin will show the new version in codecanyon/themeforest, but again, downloading the version from elements still results in downloading the old version.

IMO, this needs to be corrected. it’s so incredibly time consuming to have to go through this entire process… all because we can’t see a version number and/or changelog on the elements site.

i realized that this was kinda hijacking someone else’s thread, so i moved the topic over to here:

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anyone have an update on this? being told “we’re working on it” and “it’s coming down the road” seem like failed attempts at appeasing the question, when the real solution seems to be anything but that.