elements wordpress category *needs* a changelog displayed



the subject pretty much says it all. i simply cannot accept that i am the only customer who’s having a difficult time negotiating this scenario. if i only had a handful of websites to manage/maintain, maybe not as difficult… but i have well over 100. @envato.com …can we PLEASE find a resolution to this problem?

an easy to update plugin, such as the Envato Market plugin is the obvious solution/route to take… but, I also realize that’d simply be too easy of a solution. that solution would be in place, if it could be :stuck_out_tongue:


not being able to auto-update elements plugins/themes is a pain… but, what doubles the pain is the fact that almost none of the plugins/themes show changelogs!

i’ve often seen that a plugin has an update available, gone through the (long) process to download, extract, update/replace… only to find that it’s the same version?! that’s whack!

to compound that pain, how and why is it that an updated plugin will show the new version in codecanyon/themeforest, but again, downloading the version from elements still results in downloading the old version.

IMO, this needs to be corrected. it’s so incredibly time consuming to have to go through this entire process… all because we can’t see a version number and/or changelog on the elements site.

thank you for your time!


how can I register and update a wordpress plugin downloaded from envato element?

The changelog does seem achievable and logical.

However matching the update process, availability etc between codecanyon and elements can’t happen realistically as the difference between subscribing or buying full versions needs to be significant to make the business model sustainable for enviro, authors and buyers alike.


whoah. i must have not read your Terms and Conditions then… because I don’t ever recall reading that we’d only have access to download depreciated WordPress Themes and/or Plugins, as part of our Elements.Envato membership.

I apologize, as when I wrote this next part I had misread your reply. I thought you said doesn’t seem achievable and logical. BUT, you said DOES… which I was SUPER excited to realize my mistake.

as far as the changelog goes, doesn’t pretty much every theme and/or plugin have a file entitled as such? i mean, maybe not universally, but i’m quite certain that i’ve seen that included in pretty much every download i’ve ever made from Envato stores. maybe a script to pull that info out? …or at least something no let the customers know. wasting valuable time is something that i’ve never felt good about :confused:


Changelogs are common but not compulsory do would always be the choice of the authors

We never said anything about that. An item needs to be properly functional to be approved initially BUT in the terms and conditions it does explain that support and updates are not guaranteed (in the same way as buying from the main marketplaces).

Again - if it was all the same then there would be no premium value to people buying the full versions.

This would defeat the point of having both elements and the regular marketplaces and in turn would be bad for everyone


Hello World of Wordpress,

I’m wondering if there is any update on this matter ?

I’m looking for an updated version of the template I downloaded on elements. (in fact is 1 module inside the template)

Thank you,

Wish you happy new year 2019.




if there isn’t an update available in the current theme, here:
Appearance -> Plugins (note, different plugin page than normal page)

then, another option is to disable all of the plugins included with the theme, and check there again.

if you’re still not seeing an update, there’s a chance that:
a) the update isn’t needed on the theme
b) the update is included with the next theme version
c) the author hasn’t updated their included repo packages on their own site

every theme designer seems to do it slightly different than the next. so, just wanted to cover all your bases for you.



thank you very much for your very clear answer !

I really appreciate !

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