Trying to understand "Unlimited Subscriptions" pre-purchase

Looking through the “Unlimited Subscriptions” for info on envato pre-purchase. I can’t determine how this works with codecanyon or if it even does. How does the licensing with code work? Unlimited activation? Unlimited keys?

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It’s unlimited downloads from envato elements NOT all of codecanyon or themeforest etc.

The main differences are:

You do not receive updates or support like buying from the main marketplaces

You do not get purchase codes but all plugins etc should work without these (although auto updates will be disabled)

You must complete any project using downloads whilst you are still subscribed i.e. no stockpiling

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Hello Palmtek. I use Envato for nearly 4 years. As I use and I know, You are being able to purchase an unlimited membership to ENVATO ELEMENTS you can be a monthly subscriber or yearly subscriber.
If you be a yearly subscriber you pay half the price. However, you have to pay for one years fee at once. Envato elements contain so many materials and they are really eye catching. You also have a ENVATO TUTS Plus membership for free for both MONTHLY and YEARLY memberships.
If you are working as a freelancer or if you are a blogger they are perfect choices. Envato Tuts supplies courses, how to do articles, books, how to videos and they are very related not only for agencies but also for freelancers and bloggers as well. Envato tuts is free with all envato elements memberships.
Thank you for reading :slight_smile: